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SPECTRUM Large Breed Puppy 30 meets the nutritional requirements of large breed puppies (25 kg and over) from 2 to 14 months old.

Healthy Growth

The highly digestible energy and protein sources (such as hydrolyzed chicken liver protein) in SPECTRUM Puppy30 support healthy growth. Enriched with L-carnitine for your puppy's ideal organ-muscle development and breed-specific ideal appearance.

Strong Immune System

SPECTRUM Puppy30 helps protect your dog from diseases as it has a content (Krill) rich in glutamine, which increases the production of antibodies, the main element of the immune system.

Bone and Joint Health

Skeletal disorders may occur in large breed puppies due to underfeeding or overfeeding. Spectrum Puppy 30 prevents the occurrence of these disorders with its complete and balanced protein-mineral content and the glucosamine-rich krill it contains.

Learning Ability Development

Omega 3 fatty acids (marine phospholipids) necessary for the healthy development of your puppy's brain and nervous system should be provided with food. The natural omega 3 fatty acids found in krill in Spectrum Puppy 32 contribute to increasing your dog's learning abilities.

Dehydrated chicken protein, brown rice, chicken fat, corn, dehydrated lamb protein, dehydrated Antarctic krill (euphausia superba) (4%), wheat, hydrolyzed chicken liver powder, whey powder, carob flour, brewer's yeast, L-Carnitine , xylo-oligosaccharide (400 ppm), rosemary ( rosmarinus sp.) - turmeric (curcuma sp.) - grape ( vitis sp.) - citrus (citrus sp.) - jute (eugenia sp.) (300 ppm).

Rosemary, Wheat, Turmeric, Corn


Iodine (E2): 1.5 mg/kg, Copper (E4): 15 mg/kg, Manganese (E5): 70 mg/kg, Zinc (E6): 180 mg/kg, Selenium (E8) 0.3 mg /kg Preservatives - Antioxidants.

Crude Protein 30% Vitamin A (E672)

18000 IU/kg

Crude Fat 16% Vitamin D3(E671)

 1500 IU/kg

Crude Ash 9% Vitamin E (3A700) 150 mg/kg
Crude Cellulose 3,5% Vitamin C (Stay C) 200 mg/kg
Iron (E1) 150 mg/kg
DOG’S WEIGHT 25 kg 30 kg 35 kg 40 kg 45 kg
 2 265 g 280 g 295 g 325 g 355 g
 3 320 g 360 g 385 g 425 g 465 g
 4  350 g 390 g 455 g 475 g 515 g
 5  360 g 410 g 455 g 505 g 540 g
 6  365 g 420 g 465 g 515 g 550 g
 7  360 g 415 g 465 g 515 g 550 g
 8  355 g 410 g 460 g 510 g 545 g
 9  350 g 405 g 455 g 505 g 545 g
 10  365 g 400 g 450 g 495 g 540 g
12 360 g 390 g 460 g 490 g 530 g
14 360 g 390 g 425 g 480 g 515 g
  • Refer to the table for recommended daily amount of food (grams/day) that vary according to your dog’s age (months) and weight.
  • The recommended daily amount of food may vary depending on the outdoor temperature, your dog’s living conditions (indoor/outdoor), character and activity.
  • In order for your dog to have/maintain the ideal weight, the amount of food to be given should be weighed.  
  • When adjusting the amount of food to be given, your dog’s appetite, appearance and stool analysis should be considered.
  • Switching to a different food should be done gradually, by mixing small amounts of both (old and new) foods over the course of a week.
  • Always keep clean and fresh water near the food bowl. Even if the water looks clean, change it at least once a day.
  • Store the product in a dry and cool place and make sure that the package is well closed after each use.
  • The recommended consumption date, batch code and factory approval number are on the package.