Antarctic qrill is a breakthrough ingredient providing a bioavailable matrix of proteins, Ω3 phospholipids and astaxanthine. Qrill or Euphausia superba phospholipids have been clinically proven to promote brain development, skin health, active joints and body composition. 

Potential health benefits 

• Memory development 

DHA is an essential polyunsaturated Ω3 fatty acid, present in high concentrations in the nervous tissue. DHA is important in formation, structure and function of the brain. Supply of DHA is linked to a better ability to learn and memorize. DHA of dried Antarctic qrill has mainly a phospholipid structure. And digestion depends poorly on bile. Directly absorbed by the intestinal epithelia and distributed via blood plasma, qrill Ω3 phospholipids offer a higher bioavailability than classical Ω3 triglycerides.

• Shiny coat

Marine Ω3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) limit skin irritation and improves sebum composition by control of scale and dandruff formation. The fatty acids of Antarctic qrill contribute to maintain the integrity, composition and function of the epidermal lipid barrier. The intact lipid barrier limits water loss and avoids skin dehydration. 

• Mobility 

Fatty acids of Antarctic qrill, sustain cartilage remodelling and contribute to manage optimal joint fluid composition. Intake prior to joint insult has a protective effect against joint inflammation and favours bone remodelling.